Meetings can be tricky because people can be tricky. Steph is good at winning the trust of people who aren’t easily persuaded; exec and non-exec. She has the capacity to run the room – there’s no substitute for that..”

Chris Grant OBE, Sport England Board, Author of ‘Better Decisions’

Some of the people I’ve worked with:

I help people who care do what matters, together.

My name’s Steph Vidal-Hall, and I help everyone in the room – face-to-face or online – listen to each other (not just the Highest Paid Person), ask the right questions, be honest about challenges, offer ideas, make good decisions, and get stuff done.

Whatever the challenge, I’ll help you focus on what really matters, saving you time and money, and reducing stress.

If you work in the UK corporate, sports, arts or third sector, you’re in the right place for expert support.

Professionals average around 21.5 hours in meetings a week. But they only use those meetings to talk about what matters when they know what their shared goals are, and when they trust each other enough to have the conversation.

Making a meeting or event run smoothly, bringing the trust and clarity necessary to truly collaborate across hierarchies, isn’t something we’re usually taught. I can take that on for you; leaving you free to participate in important discussions, training your whole team to share the load, or holding a safe space for everyone in the room to find their own unique solution to the challenge you’re facing.

  • Hear from every voice to get the best solution and highest performance
  • Create a meeting culture that makes EDI happen every day
  • Take away tools that your team want to use (whether you’re there or not)

As a qualified Thinking Environment® Coach and Facilitator, I use a framework to get the best thinking from everyone in the room, leaving behind simple, sustainable tools that teams take on and use – sometimes before I’ve left the building.