Making Meetings Matter

Coaching or facilitating, I create psychologically safe spaces for learning and high performance.
steph vidal hall
  • FACILITATING meetings, workshops and learning
  • TRAINING teams to create psychological safety for colleagues and clients
  • COACHING individuals to develop their resilience, strategic thinking and leadership

I’ve spent my entire career in learning and development, as a facilitator and coach across the corporate, cultural and third sector. I’ve worked with role play, forum theatre, experiential and traditional approaches: it’s always about building the right environment, enabling people to feel safe enough to engage.  The more we listen and share time equally, the better we perform, the more we learn, the more we innovate. And now Google agrees - here's their article on five keys to a successful team.

I trained to be a Thinking Environment® Coach and Facilitator after reading Nancy Kline’s Time to Think. I’m part of a global network certified to deliver Thinking Environment® applications, including Transforming Meetings, which I’ve delivered to over 400 Asda managers on behalf of Time to Think. As a coach, I specialise in building resilience, and working right across the hierarchy of organisations, particularly with people who have experienced barriers, whether that’s health or socio-economic status. I’m committed to working with partners who want to do good work - work that is engaging, gives people a voice, treats them fairly, is good for their wellbeing, and helps them to progress.

My second passion is writing; I journal daily and own a wide variety of beautiful notebooks. I facilitated the Powow Festival of Writing for 6 years and I was festival co-ordinator for the Big Book Weekend, part of the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine initiative. I’m proud to be Midlands born and bred and based in Birmingham, Second to None!

time to think certification
These are some of the people I’ve worked with:
Welsh National Opera
Jaguar Land Rover
Sports England
Saheli Hub
Central England Co-operatives
NHS Nottingham
Midlands Arts Centre
Arts Council
Big Book Weekend