Making Meetings Matter

We don’t often get the time to think.
Coaching gives you that protected time and space so that when you act, you do good work,
taking the right actions for you and your organisation.

Coaching takes you on a journey from where you are to where you want to be. You’re the expert in where you want to go: I bring a framework that will enable you to do your own best thinking, whatever that is. Through coaching many of my clients have taken this Thinking Environment® framework – of listening and enabling the people around you to think – to their own working life. As a result, their employees solve more of their own problems, and their clients feel understood and trust them to fulfill the brief.

I've worked with leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and people experiencing barriers. I specialise in resilience – making sure that you’re clear on your purpose, and able to use all of your resources to achieve your goals, whatever life throws at you.

A lot of my clients know what they need to do.
I help them to understand why they’re not doing it and move past those barriers.
steph working

I also coach teams and chairs who want to do good work – work that’s engaging, gives people a voice, treats them fairly, is good for their wellbeing, and helps them to progress. I support leaders and teams to bring a coaching mindset to all of their meetings, client interactions and service provision.

Here’s a video some of my work in the cultural sector.