Get Clear

“You helped us get a great strategy together.
Finding out what matters is 70% of the work.”

Chris Grant OBE, Sport England Board,
Author of ‘Better Decisions’
  • You’ve got a tough situation, and you don’t know what the solution is, but you haven’t had the time or opportunity to define the root cause of the problem.
  • The scope of the issue may be obvious to you, but you only realise that others don’t fully understand it when they drop the ball.
  • Some of your team expect you to provide all of the solutions to every problem, but you want to build on their information and expertise.
  • You’re going through change – a growing company, mission drift, changing circumstances – and you need everyone’s insight into what matters.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Then you’ll have something in common with clients I’ve already worked with to make their meetings matter.

    Client outcomes

    • Over a series of short workshops, a growing organisation generated vision and values and guidelines for all new employees to make those values live in service delivery sessions.
    • In 3 hours, an established organisation agreed a new vision statement.

    From our first call, I’ll help you understand and define the issues, identify the outcomes you need, and consider the questions that will help you get there. We’ll create an agenda that gets everyone thinking before they arrive.

    When you need to get a group of people together to work collectively on a project or an issue, I’ll ensure that everyone has the opportunity to explore the issue, surface the outcomes needed, and find the questions that will get them there.

    I’ll help to facilitate the kind of relationships that mean you get the best from everyone, building a working culture where people are willing to ask for help, know who to ask for help, are willing to help in return and comfortable to have candid conversations. In short, I’ll help everyone get clear on who’s doing what and why.