Making Meetings Matter

We spend a lot of time in meetings, time that often feels wasted.
Changing the way you meet is a first and fundamental step to good working conditions and effective people management: to doing good work.
I coach individuals and teams to have the meetings and workshops they wish they were having:
  • On agenda
  • Engaging
  • Focused
  • Action oriented
steph at work

Clients contact me when they’re starting something new, sorting out a problem, adapting to change, doing strategic thinking, developing a community of practice, or building a better working culture. I facilitate meetings for teams, and I also train teams in Transforming Meetings, the Thinking Environment® meetings framework.

Adapting to new technology with multiple people can be challenging, but virtual platforms make it obvious that old habits needs to change. If you need to do good work online or off and you’d like to be comfortable with the technology, access the skills and experience of everyone in your meeting, ask the right questions, find innovative solutions and take action, then call me. We use Zoom and can host meetings with multiple attendees, break out rooms and screen sharing facilities.

Digitally or in person, whatever your platform, I can help you do good work.