Run My Meeting

“I call Steph when I want people to go away thinking that they were glad they were there – because they’ve clarified their thinking and had a genuine, productive conversation.”

Phil Beardmore, Low Carbon Buildings Expert and Environmental Leadership Coach

Do you work with senior, or potentially quite challenging, groups?

Do you want to:
• focus on managing the work, not managing personalities?
• help different characters or functions work together effectively?
• get insights and action from people not used to speaking up?
• use technology with confidence?

Are you sick of thinking ‘another bloody meeting’?

I love being able to help people get what they really need from meetings. This is possible when everyone in the room gets a chance to share their knowledge, and all the skills and resources in the room come together to solve an issue or get something done in a way that hasn’t been imagined before.

“Your combination of approach and style was perfect both for the subject matter and some of the challenges we were looking to overcome.  It was appreciated by all – one text I received from a Board member starts: “It is hard to overstate the very positive step forward we took today.”

Tim Hollingsworth OBE, CEO Sport England

I make my approach and tools clear as I go along, and participants put them into practice, once before I’d even left the meeting.

Client outcomes

  • In two half day meetings, a national organisation got engagement and buy in for their new strategy
  • In a one day conference, a regional branch of a national organisation gained insight and wisdom from over 60 of their stakeholders to inform a tailored version of the national policy

Whatever the meeting, online or face-to-face, I’ll help you make it matter.

Are you:

  • a board member or chair with a challenge,
  • a corporate executive who needs to have difficult conversations,
  • a governing body member writing a new strategy,
  • in a co-op wanting to refresh your AGM,
  • a leader in a small organisation scaling up,
  • a team member in a national organisation resolving a management/delivery divide,
  • a charity representative refreshing its core purpose,
  • a manager of an elite sports organisation collaborating on a national initiative,
  • a cross-service board member working together to enhance wellbeing in a major city, or
  • a member or leader of a council adapting service models to strengths-based working?

Then you’ll have something in common with clients I’ve already worked with to make their meetings matter.