Run My Meeting

“I call Steph when I want people to go away thinking that they were glad they were there – because they’ve clarified their thinking and had a genuine, productive conversation.”

Phil Beardmore, Low Carbon Buildings Expert and Environmental Leadership Coach

Important meeting with a challenging, large or multi-stakeholder group?

Do you want to:

  • focus on managing the work, not managing personalities?
  • focus on the content, not managing time?
  • help different characters or functions work together effectively?
  • make sure every voice is heard and no-one dominates?
  • welcome people with Lived Experience and do genuine co-production?
  • use technology with confidence?

Are you sick of thinking ‘another bloody meeting’?

I love being able to help people get what they really need from meetings. This is possible when everyone in the room gets a chance to share their knowledge, and all the skills and resources in the room come together to solve an issue or get something done in a way that hasn’t been imagined before.

“Your combination of approach and style was perfect both for the subject matter and some of the challenges we were looking to overcome.  It was appreciated by all – one text I received from a Board member starts: “It is hard to overstate the very positive step forward we took today.”

Tim Hollingsworth OBE, CEO Sport England

I make my approach and tools clear as I go along, and participants put them into practice, once before I’d even left the meeting.

Case Studies

‘We want more of you in our lives. What you promote is what we want to achieve.’

‘Our charity is about making the indivisible visible, making workplaces more accessible. And giving the space for someone to have their voice and come forward is really important and you showed a really practical way on how to do that.’

Cassie October Raine, PiPA Co-CEO & Executive Director

We had some important strategic decisions to make within the company that we needed to discuss at our board away day and we wanted to know the meeting would be conducted in a way that supports us as chief execs as well as enabling the board to work through quite a lot. We wanted everyone to leave informed and excited about the decisions we made together, with cohesive decision making that comes from the group, not just individual people.
What Steph managed to do was create a space where everyone can contribute and where we heard all voices equally.

We had many ideas and now we’re at the end of the business plan and the direction of travel is very clear and what we landed on comes from the meeting with Steph. One thing we’ve been commended for as CEOs was how fluid the business planning process was. We only needed 2 board meetings to get it through – the 2nd one basically passed with a few amendments – that’s because of the collective groundwork we did with you, that was key in getting everyone on board and creating a shared vision. I’d estimate the meeting easily saved at least eight days of CEO time and the time of 12 board members who are all very busy with their own careers.

Because we’d gone through that process, everyone knew they’d been heard, contributed, valued, and so the direction we took was much more holistic than it could have been through a different process.

When I think of the questions that we came away with, knowing where we arrived, it’s really quite exceptional. They are all questions that came from the day, that Anna and I have had to consider and resolve, and because of this process we went through with Steph it was much easier to reach a consensus. They asked a lot of questions and through this process we’ve answered them. I tell you what it was, it was a real consultation.

You showed us a new approach that’s had tangible business results, tangible strategic results – by that I mean the strategy – and we created something new that will live.
This away day has transformed and informed our leadership style, and it’s shown us a way of how we want to run our company, how we want to conduct ourselves and how we want to hold spaces – when you experience it you say ‘That’s how I want to be, that what I want to do, That’s how I want to hold meetings’ – it has tangible effects saving time creating business plan, clear direction and strategy informing co-direction of travel. It showed us a way of conducting very effective meetings that we’d like to embed even more.

Are you:

  • a board member or chair with a challenge
  • a governing body writing a new strategy
  • a national organisation resolving a management/delivery divide
  • a charity refreshing its core purpose
  • a cross-service board member working together to enhance wellbeing in a major city
  • a member or leader of a council adapting service models to strengths-based working

Then you’ll have something in common with clients I’ve already worked with to make their meetings matter.